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Hebei Juming Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is a company dedicated to manufacturing conveying accessories. With 39 years of production experience, our company operates under a comprehensive quality control system.


Our business scope encompasses both import and export of all about conveyors, including accessories for large conveying systems in industry, logistics, mining, etc.

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Large stock carbon steel tube tube steel pipe for construction.High quality welded pipe, strong and durable, can be customized according to your needs

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2、Rubber Ring

O-type rubber seal ring, natural rubber ring, all kinds of models can be customized.

Can play a good buffer and support role.

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Black carbon steel fixed ring, factory production quality is strictly checked, can accept customization

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We use high-quality non-contact labyrinth seals. Its good water -proof, dust -proof and anti -corrosionability can protect the bearings better and keep the roller operating longer time in the harsh environment.

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5、Frame Parts

We use high quality stamping parts with deformation resistant and long service life. Customized processing according to customer requirements is ok.

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High hardness (HRC 60-65) and good wear resistance can be obtained after heat treatment of custom-made carbon steel shaft. , moderate hardness in annealing state, with good machinability.

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Bearing is commonly used rolling bearing, with simple structure, easy to use and maintenance characteristics, widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment. It can be customized according to your needs

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8、Bearing Housing

Factory customization Excellent materials and strong corrosion resistance, make the rollers with long service life.

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The advantages of choosing our Juming are as follows:

1. Enhance transportation efficiency: Our Conveyor Roller Accessories can effectively enhance the transportation efficiency of the conveyor belt system. They improve the spin performance of the drum, reducing friction and thus reducing energy consumption.

2. Extend equipment life: Our accessories can reduce the wear and damage of the rollers, thus prolonging the service life of the entire conveyor belt system. This will help reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

3. Improve production efficiency: By ensuring that the drum is running properly, our accessories help avoid downtime and increase production efficiency. Reducing breakdowns and repair times will increase the availability of your production line.

4. Optimize material flow: Our Conveyor Roller Accessories can optimize the flow of material on the conveyor belt. They reduce buildup and jamming, ensuring smooth material transfer and reducing blockages and problems in production.

5. Customized solutions: We provide many different types of accessories to meet the needs of different applications. Whether it is shock absorption and noise reduction, or dust and water resistance, we can provide customized solutions.

6. Easy to install and maintain: Our accessories are simple in design, easy to install and maintain. This helps reduce downtime and keeps your conveyor system running efficiently.

7. Environmental protection and energy saving: By reducing friction and energy waste, our accessories can help your conveyor system be more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, reducing energy costs.

8. Wide applicability: No matter which industry your conveyor belt system is used in, our Conveyor Roller Accessories can provide excellent performance, from mining to manufacturing, from logistics to food processing.


With a rich history spanning over 39 years in innovation, research, and development, Hebei Juming Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. stands as the forefront manufacturer globally for robust, inventive, and eco-conscious conveyor pulleys and idlers, catering to the mining and bulk material handling sectors.

Leveraging cutting-edge production methodologies, our product range consistently demonstrates its superiority in terms of durability, quality, and overall cost-effectiveness when compared to competitors.

Furthermore, our products hold esteemed certifications including ISO 9001, SGS, and BV.

Our comprehensive sales division ensures our products are available across 115 countries and regions, earning accolades domestically while gaining substantial international acclaim.

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