Our highlights at the Russian Industrial Exhibition: customer photos and product promotion

Wonderful moments at the Russian Industrial Exhibition

At the Russian Industrial Exhibition 2024, our company spent a few fulfilling and exciting days. This exhibition is not only a great opportunity to showcase our latest roller and conveyor belt products, but also a valuable platform for face-to-face communication and cooperation with global customers.

Precious photos with customers

During the exhibition, our booth became the focus of the crowd. We are very honored to receive customers and partners from all over the world. Here are some precious moments:

Photo of American customers:

We took a photo with representatives of mining customers from the United States. They showed great interest in our high-strength conveyor belts and look forward to further cooperation in the future.


Photo of Canadian customers:

Customers from Canada praised our innovative roller products, especially their excellent performance in extreme environments. They were deeply surprised.


Photo of South American customers:

We had in-depth exchanges with South American mining giants and took photos in front of the booth. They said that our products are exactly the solutions they need to improve the efficiency of mine transportation.


Photo of local Russian customers:

As the host, Russian customers pay particular attention to our products. Our technical experts had a detailed exchange with them and took a group photo to record this important moment.


Product Promotion Highlights

At this exhibition, we focused on displaying several newly developed high-performance rollers and conveyor belt products, which received enthusiastic responses on site.

1. High wear-resistant rollers:

Made of advanced materials and processes, they have ultra-long service life and high wear resistance, suitable for various harsh mining and port environments.

2. High-strength conveyor belts:

The new generation of high-strength conveyor belts has excellent tensile strength and heat resistance, can operate stably in high temperature environments, and greatly improves conveying efficiency.

Through on-site demonstrations and detailed explanations, customers have a deeper understanding of our products and highly praised their performance and advantages. 

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This Russian industrial exhibition not only allowed us to gain the trust and support of many customers, but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation. We are well aware that only by continuously innovating and optimizing products can we better serve global customers and meet their growing needs.

We will continue to be committed to the research and development of high-quality rollers and conveyor belt products to provide customers with the best solutions. Thank you to all customers and partners who came to communicate and support us during the exhibition. It is your trust that keeps us moving forward.

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We look forward to working with you in the future to jointly promote the progress and development of the industrial transportation field!