About Management


Genernal Manager -- Erin

“Creating value for customers is our mission.”

JM Roller has been committed to the conveyor industry for more than 40 years, Erin established an international sales department in 2014, she is committed to providing customers with increased profits and bringing benefits to employees. Erin has established herself as a strong and successful leader. She has led the sales department to build win-win cooperation solutions with customers one after another.


Vice Gernal Manager -- Angela

“Talents are the foundation of an enterprise.”

Angela has been with JM Roller since company inception and has seen it grow. She is not only a competent vice president, but also cares about employees. She is a beautiful and charismatic leader,in addition to being very well liked by the company's employees, she was also very well liked by her customers.


Sales Manger -- Susan

“Honesty wins the world.”

Susan has been engaged in international trade for more than 6 years. She led a sales team that generated millions of dollars in sales past year. And this year she is confident of continuing to expand the company's foreign trade business and explore new markets.

Max 1.jpg

Marketing Manager--Max

“Team collaboration, market leadership”

Max has more than eight years of experience in the international market and is known for his keen market insights and excellent action capabilities. He has been leading JM Roller to promote market innovation and create outstanding performance for the company.


Logistic Manager -- Tina

“Only the execution of words and deeds, in order to let the goods in the fastest speed to the hands of customers.”
Tina is a logistics manager who has made significant contributions to aftermarket logistics. After the customer places the order, she goes through a series of steps. On the one hand, she needs to contact factories to process and produce the products she needs. On the other hand, she also needs to contact the logistics company to ensure that the product can arrive at the customer's designated location on time.


Financial Manager -- Emma

“A miss is as good as a mile.”

Emma's position is financial manager, she is responsible for the overall work of the financial department of JM Roller. She is a very conscientious and responsible mathematician. She also believes that JM Roller can grow better and better with the efforts of all employees.