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Our conveyor belts are durable and can withstand the harshest environments and heavy loads, We offer customizablesolutions, tailoring conveyor belts to meet your specific requiremments.We have provided conveyor belt solutions innumerous countries around the world, Feel free to contact us immediately if you have any needs.

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V-belt, is a type of rubber belt used for transmittinc power and motion, featuring a distinctive V-shapedm cross-section. This design enables the V-belt to achieve improved friction on pulleys or sheaves,thereby efficiently transferring power. V-belts are typically crafted from rubber material with the inclusion of internal fiber reinforcerment to enhance durability.

2.Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt: Corrugated Sidewa Conveyor Belt are designed with wave-shaped cleats on both sides of the belt to prevent material spillage due to site limitations or the need for high-angle material conveying. Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt must be able to withstand high stress and repeated flexing that occur during high-capacity and high-angle conveying.

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3.Fabric Conveyor Belt

Fabric Conveyor Belt: Fabric conveyor belts are madefrom textile materials such as cotton, nylon, andpolyester, offering good flexibility and tensile strength.They are suitable for conveying lightweight andmedium-weight materials, comonly used in industriessuch as packaging, logistics, and warehousing.

4.Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt: This is a special structureconveyor belt with a core composed of multiple steelcords. It possesses high strength, wear resistance,tensile strength, and high-temperature resistance,making it suitable for long-distance, high-load, andhigh-speed transportation applications. Steel cordconveyor belts can withstand high tension, high speed,and heavy loads, while maintaining wear resistance,tensile strength, and high-temperature resistance.The advantages of steel cord conveyor beltsinclude excellent strength and durability, low energyconsumption, as well as long service life and reliableoperation.

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Precision Engineering: Each conveyor belt is meticulously designed for precision, accuracy, and reliableoperation.

2 Enhanced Safety Features: Built-in safety mechanisms to prevent accidents, ensuring a secure workingenvironment.

3 , Low Maintenance: Our conveyor belts require minimal upkeep, reducing downtime and maximizing operationalefficiency.

4. Versatile Applications: From manufacturing to logistics, our conveyor belts adapt to various industries andmaterial types.

5 ,High Load Capacity: Designed to handle heavy loads, our conveyor belts provide robust support for demandingoperations.

Energy Efficient: Optimal power consumption, reducing energy costs and environmental impact

7 . Quick Installation: Easy setup and integration, saving time and effort during the installation process.


You can send us the size or drawing of the conveyor belt you need, we wil be happy to provide you with a perfect solution.

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Hebei Juming Heavy lndustry was founded in 1 980,engaged in the manufacture of conveyor products and spareparts, including various kinds of conveyor rollers, conveyor frames,conveyor puleys, conveyor belts and completeconveyors, With more than 40 years' abundant experience and industries and hardworking staff members, various requiremments from different types of custommers.

Our products have exported to many countries all over the world,especially the USA,Canada,the UK,Danmark,Greece,South America,Australia,South East Asia,South Africa and Midde East, At present we have verugood feedback from customers and build long term cooperation relationship with them.

In addition,we have attained S0 9001 SGS,BV and CE certifications.There is rich experiences for us to manufacture al standard,such as JIS,DIN and CEMA ( A B C D E )Besides we accet 0EM service and can manufac.ture as customers

China Juming / Vision: Excellent Quality, Century History Enterprise