Primary Belt Cleaner Suppliers

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Primary Belt Cleaner is a type of conveyor belt cleaning device used in material handling systems to remove bulk material carryback and prevent it from accumulating on the return side of the conveyor belt. The primary belt cleaner is positioned on the head pulley (the discharge end) of the conveyor system.

Primary Belt Cleaner Function: 

The primary purpose of a primary belt cleaner is to remove material that adheres to the belt surface during the conveying process. This material, often referred to as carryback, can accumulate on the return side of the belt, leading to issues such as belt mistracking, increased wear on conveyor components, and potential material spillage.

Primary Belt Cleaner Design: 

Primary belt cleaners typically consist of a durable blade or multiple blades made of materials designed to effectively scrape or wipe off the material adhering to the conveyor belt. The design may vary, but the goal is to efficiently clean the belt surface.

Mounting Position: 

The primary belt cleaner is installed at the head pulley, where the conveyor belt discharges material. Proper positioning is crucial for effective cleaning.

Materials and Conditions: 

The selection of the primary belt cleaner depends on factors such as the type of material being conveyed, the conveyor belt speed, the operating conditions (temperature, moisture, etc.), and other specific requirements of the material handling system.

Primary Belt Cleaner Maintenance: 

Regular maintenance of the primary belt cleaner is important to ensure its optimal performance. This may involve adjusting the blade pressure, inspecting for wear, and replacing blades as needed.

Efficient cleaning of the conveyor belt with a primary belt cleaner contributes to the overall reliability and performance of the conveyor system. It helps maintain a clean belt surface, reduces the risk of material spillage, and minimizes wear on the conveyor components, extending the life of the conveyor system. Proper conveyor belt cleaning is crucial in various industries such as mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and bulk material handling.